Who did the following sidekicks work with:
1. Dick Grayson
 Batman/Bruce Wayne - Dick Grayson aka Robin
2. Bucky Barnes
 Steven "Steve" Rogers aka Captain America
3. Tonto
 Texas Ranger John Reid aka The Lone Ranger
4. Sergeant Albert Janvier
 Commissioner Jules Maigret (novels by Georges Simenon)
5. Dr Emmett Brown aka Doc
 Marty McFly - Back to the Future franchise
6. Detective Sergeant George Carter
 Detective Inspector Jack Reagan (The Sweeney)
7. Kato (with a K)
 Britt Reid akaThe Green Hornet - Cato (with a "C" was the servant of Inspector Jacques Clouseau of Pink Panther movies)
8. Dr John H Watson
 Sherlock Holmes
9. Samwise Gamgee aka Sam
 Frodo (or Frodo Baggins) from Lord of the Rings books by J.R.R. Tolkien
10. Sancho Panza
 Don Quixote from the novel by Miguel de Cervantes