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can you name the song and the artist that recorded it

1.i can take you home on the midnight train again,i can make an offer you can't refuse
2.too rye too rye too rye ay,over the hils with the
3.with your insescant talking you're becoming a pest
4.You think I'd crumble,You think I'd lay down and die,oh no not i
5.In this bright future you cant forget your freinds,so dry your tears i say
6.I don't share your greed, the only card I need is the
7.I told them you were living downtown,Driving all the old men crazy
8.With your cute little way will you promise that you'll save
9.Everybody in the whole cell block was dancin' to the
10.and be careful what you do cos' the lie becomes the truth

quiz kindly submitted by Big Dave on 30th May 2015