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1.In any given year in the UK are there more boys or girls born?
Boys - 103 - 4 live male births to every 100 females
2.On average, who has the faster/sharpest reflexes?
3.On average, who lives longer in the UK?
Women - 81.5 years against 77.2 years for men.
4.Who has the highest suicide rate in the UK?
Men - by a ratio of roughly 4 to 1
5.Who is on average more intelligent, men or women?
Men - by an average of 3 -5 IQ points. However, taller people (of both genders) tend to be more intelligent than shorter people.
6.Are there more male or female university students in the UK?
Female - a 55% female to 45% male split.
7.In the UK who pays more in income tax?
Men - in year 2011/2012 men paid 68.2 billion more than women. The Gender Tax Gap.
8.In the UK are there more male or female registered voters?
Female - more men actually turn out to vote. the UK, who is more likely to be murdered, men or women?
Men - men area also more likely to commit murder
10.In the UK are there more male or female millionaires?
Male - by a factor of around 10 to 1