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1.Which actress played Samantha in the comedy series Bewitched
Elizabeth Montgomery
2.With which town would you associate Operation Stack
Dover (lorry parking on M20)
3.What is the southernmost city in USA
4.Which 1965 movie, remade in 2004, involved the survival of passengers after their plane crashed in the desert.
Flight of the Phoenix
5.Which sports stadium has the highest seating capacity in the world (at 247,000)
Indianapolis Speedway (home of the Indi 500)
6.Which car manufacturer's current range includes the Navigator, MKX & MKC models
7.Which singer died in a crash of his own experimental aircraft
John Denver
8.What was the character name of Commander Shore's daughter in the 60's series Stingray (voiced by Lois Maxwell)
Atlanta (not Marina, who was the mute mermaid)
9.Who had hits with "Wishin' and Hopin" and "You don't have to say you love me"
Dusty Springfield
10.What is the connection between the 9 answers
US State Capitals