1. June Brown is most famous for playing which long serving character since 1985?
 Dott Cotton
2. Monica and Ross Geller were brother and sister in which long running American television series?
3. “Rodney you plonka” and “This time next year we’ll be millionaires” are catchphrases from which well-known television sitcom?
 Only Fools and Horses
4. Phil Redmond created with UK Television Soap Opera 18 years ago?
5. In which television series do we see celebrities chase back their ancestry?
 Who do you think you are?
6. In what Soap would you expect to find Miffield Hall later renamed to Home Farm Manor?
7. What Netflix exclusive programme chronicles the life of Piper Chapman and her experiences in an American State Prison?
 Orange is the New Black
8. Neighbours is set Melbourne in the fictional suburb of Erinsborough but what is the name of the road in which it is set?
 Ramsey Street
9. In which reality show would you expect to find siblings Kim, Khloe, Kortney, Kendell, Kylie and Rob?
 Keeping up with the Kardashians
10. Faulty Towers ran for a total of four years, but how many episodes were produced and released?