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1.Who wrote The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?
Stieg Larsson
2.Martial arts movie Enter the Dragon starred which actor?
Bruce Lee
3.What is the largest living species of lizard?
Komodo Dragon
4.What was the name of the dragon in Disney's Pete's Dragon?
5.Apart from Wales - what is the only European country to have a dragon on its flag?
6.Who played the evil magician Profion in the 2000 film Dungeons and Dragons?
Jeremy Irons
7.In which 80s movie did Falkor the luck dragon appear?
Neverending Story
8.In which land did Puff the Magic Dragon live?
9.Who provided the voice of Smaug the dragon in Peter Jackson's Hobbit series of films?
Benedict Cumberbatch
10.In which children's TV series did the Soup Dragon provide the soup?
The Clangers