1. Are there more adult males or females in the UK population?
 More females - 1.5 million extra women
2. Who watches most television in the UK?
 Women - 32 hours per week as compared to men at 28 hours per week
3. Who is more likely to die in a workplace accident in the U.K.?
 Men - over 95% of workplace fatalities are male
4. Who carries the most debt in the U.K.?
 Men - 4.3% on average more than women
5. Who takes the most sickness days at work in the U.K.?
 Women - women are over 40% more likely to take a sick day
6. In the U.K. Public Sector. are there more male or female employees?
 More female - two out of every three Public Sector workers are female
7. Who is more likely to be homeless in the UK.?
 Men - by a factor of four to one
8. Who is more likely to start divorce proceedings in the U.K.?
 Women - almost 70% of divorces are initiated by the wife
9. Who is more likely to be a regular church-goer in the U.K.?
 Women - 65% - 35% split
10. Who, on average, drives the most miles per year in the U.K.?
 Men - by a factor of around ten to one