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Which famous person was killed by the following assassin?

1.John Wilkes Booth (1865)
Abraham Lincoln
2.Nathuram Godse (1948)
Mohandas 'Mahatma' Ghandi
3.James Earl Ray (1968)
Dr Martin Luther King Jr
4.Mark David Chapman (1980)
John Lennon
5.Ramon Mercader (1940)
Leon Trotsky
6.John Bellingham (1812)
Spencer Perceval - the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated.
7.Lee Harvey Oswald (1963)
John F Kennedy
8.Jacob Leon Rubenstein aka "Jack Ruby" (1963)
Lee Harvey Oswald
9.Sirhan Bishan Sirhan (1968)
Robert F Kennedy - aka 'Bobby' - JFK's Brother
10.Gavrilo Princip (1914)
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria