All or part of each answer has a Christmas connection
1. What was Cilla Blacks real name?
 Priscilla White
2. What was the name of Christopher Columbus' flagship?
 Santa Maria
3. What was the name of the ships computer in t.v's Red Dwarf?
4. Where in London did the great fire of London start?
 Pudding Lane
5. Which actor was nicknamed "The Master"?
 Noel Coward
6. Which designer introduced "the new look"in 1947?
 Christian Dior
7. What is the name of the highest waterfall in the world?
 Angel Falls
8. Which astronaut hit the first golfball on the moon?
 Alan Shepherd
9. Who had a big hit in the 1990's with "Linger "
 The Cranberries
10. In 1998 which 12 year old became the youngest female singer to have an album in the U.K charts?
 Charlotte Church