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1.The Rainbow bridge is a nickname for an arch bridge over which landmark.
Niagara Falls. Real name: Niagara Falls International Rainbow Bridge
2.The Brooklyn Bridge spans which river.
The East river
3.What is the name of the tallest road bridge in the world, in southern France
Millau Viaduct
4.Why is the Golden Gate Bridge so named.
It spans the Golden Gate straits, which connect San Francisco Bay to the Ocean.
5.The Britannia road and rail bridge in Wales is just a short distance from which other famous bridge crossing the same span of water.
Menai Bridge
6.The novel Bridge Over the River Kwai was written in 1952, in what language.
French. (Written by Pierre Boulle)
7.Tower Bridge in London has two towers with a raising roadway between. The top of these towers are connected by straight iron structure. For what reason was this piece of structure designed.
When the bridge was raised for extended periods, this was a foot crossing (now closed).
8.Lake Havasu, a large town in the Arizona desert, sits on the Colorado river. What is the name of the bridge that connects the town to an island in the river.
London Bridge (dismantled from the Thames in 1968)
9.Which is the largest and most famous of the 4 bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice.
Rialto Bridge
10.The Victoria Falls Bridge over the Zambezi river connects Zambia to which other country.