Bubble Tree Quizzes

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1.What were the names of The Good’s neighbours in "The Good Life"?
2.Who played Gary’s flatmate in the first series of "Men Behaving Badly"?
3.What animal did Reggie Perrin think of every time his Mother-in-law was mentioned?
4.Brian Wilde played Mr Barraclough in Porridge. But he was also one of the main characters in a later sitcom. Name the sitcom, and the character.
5.What was the theme tune to The Office?
6.Which sitcom actor and comedian fell off a treadmill in Peter Kay’s version of Amarillo for Comic Relief?
7.Who was Nellie Boswell’s love rival in "Bread"?
8.In which sitcom did Nicolas Lindhurst first gain national recognition?
9.What was the name of the character played by Stephen Fry in Blackadder Goes Forth?
10.What were the first names of all 3 Liverbirds?

quiz kindly submitted by Emily on 17th January 2016