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All the answers contain a colour

1.Who became renowned for extinguishing and capping oil well fires?
Red Adair
2.What colour ribbon does the Victoria Cross have?
3.Who are the race of zombie-like creatures that live beyond the wall in Game of Thrones?
The White Walkers
4.Which film starring Molly Ringwald was also a hit for the Psychedelic Furs?
Pretty in Pink
5.Manfred von Richthofen was better known as what?
The Red Baron
6.What was the fictional JR Hartley advertising in the 1980ís?
Yellow Pages
7.Who played Ena Sharples in Coronation Street?
Violet Carson
8.Which 2 rivers join at Khartoum?
Blue and White Nile
9.What was the first novel to feature Sherlock Holmes?
A Study In Scarlet
10.White Ladder was a best selling album for which artist?
David Gray