1. A character in the sitcom Friends, or a provisioner of candles and soaps?
2. A well known golfer, or a tradesman in game and fowl?
3. The character soon to be played by Ben Affleck in Dawn Of Justice, or an officerís servant in the army?
4. A famous guitarist, or an young attendant upon a person of rank?
5. A member of a dance troupe from the 1900ís, or a farmer?
6. A TV series starring Bill Maynard in the early 80ís, or the electrician in charge of a film set?
7. The actress who played Mindy in Mork and Mindy, or an artisan builder of clay walls using straw?
8. Ronnie Barker in Open All Hours, or a craftsman who produced wooden chests?
9. Rupert Bearís best friend Bill, or a licensed peddler or beggar?
10. This character lived at 11 Coronation Street, and is also the name of a leather maker?