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All the answers begin with the letter B

1.What is the name of the sweet pastry associated with the Middle East?
2.What links the song lyric “my hidden treasure chest” with a 2014 Wes Anderson film charting the adventures of Gustave H?
3.Which river runs through Istanbul?
4.The american convict Robert F Stroud collected canaries. What was his nickname?
5.Which town was captured by Edward Longshanks in 1296 and changed hands more than a dozen times in 400 years?
6.Which actor “lost his head” at the end of the first series of Game Of Thrones, and beheaded the Uruk-hai commander Lurtz in Fellowship of the Ring?
7.What is celebrated around the globe on January 25th each year?
8.Lt General David Leakey is better known as what?
9.Which pop star has a new album called Purpose?
10.What plant is named after the Italian for Beautiful Lady?

quiz kindly submitted by Phil on 22nd January 2016