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1.Who worked for the Townsend Agency?
Charlie's Angels
2.what was the name of the owner of the coffee shop who was in love with Rachael in friends?
3.Who narrated the Mr Men series?
Arthur Lowe
4.Mick Robertson and Jenny Handley presented which Children’s TV Programme?
5.In "Sex in the City", what was Carrie's last name?
6.What is the American version of Strictly Come Dancing called?
Dancing With The Stars
7.Who hosted "Call My Bluff"?
Robin Ray
8.What was Coronation Street originally to be called?
Florizel Street
9.Who starred alongside Polly James in the first series of "The Liver Birds"?
Pauline Collins
10.What was the name of the character played by Frances de la Tour in "Rising Damp"?
Miss Jones