2 answers to each question,1 point for each correct answer.
1. Which two animals feature on the Australian coat of arms?
 Kangaroo / Emu
2. Who played the title roles in the 1991 movie"Thelma and Louise?"
 Geena Davis /Susan Sarandon
3. Who were the first two wives of Henry the eighth?
 Catherine of Aragon / Anne Boleyn
4. What are the first two books in the Harry Potter series?
 The Philosophers Stone / The Chamber of Secrets
5. What were the highest grossing films of a)the 80's and b)the 90's ?
 E.T / Titanic
6. What are the real names of "The Pet Shop Boys?"
 Neil Tennant / Chris Lowe
7. The European parliament meet in which two cities?
 Strasburg / Brussels
8. After New York what are the two largest cities in the USA?(population)
 Los Angeles / Chicago
9. What were Bonnie and Clydes surnames?
 Parker / Barrow
10. The names of which two London boroughs start with "E"
 Ealing / Enfield