Bubble Tree Quizzes

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2 answers to each question,1 point for each correct answer.

1.Which two animals feature on the Australian coat of arms?
2.Who played the title roles in the 1991 movie"Thelma and Louise?"
3.Who were the first two wives of Henry the eighth?
4.What are the first two books in the Harry Potter series?
5.What were the highest grossing films of a)the 80's and b)the 90's ?
6.What are the real names of "The Pet Shop Boys?"
7.The European parliament meet in which two cities?
8.After New York what are the two largest cities in the USA?(population)
9.What were Bonnie and Clydes surnames?
10.The names of which two London boroughs start with "E"

quiz kindly submitted by Sam Jackson on 17th February 2016