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1.What was the first song recorded entirely in a foreign language to reach number one on the UK Singles Charts, despite being banned by the BBC?
2.What four letter word meaning to have intercourse, ends in k?
3.What does a Spermologer collect?
4.Who was the brothel Madam, famous for selling sex in return for luncheon vouchers in the 70's?
5.What is the most common two word derogatory term for gynecomastia?
6.Which musician wrote the lyrics "Lick me in the arse. Quickly"?
7.In the early games of ice hockey, what were the pucks made out of?
8.What famous ship gets its name for the Scottish for short undergarment?
9.In which northern English county would you find Bushy Gap and Cock Play?
10.The “baby eating bishop of Bath and Wells” was a character in which sitcom?

quiz kindly submitted by pirate pete on 12th March 2016