1. Who said "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life"?
 Samuel Johnson
2. What was Marble Arch in London originally designed to be?
 The entrance to Buckingham Palace.
3. Winner in a poll of Classic FM's most popular piece of music in 2016, which composer also wrote "A London Symphony"
 Ralph Vaughan Williams
4. Who resides in Mansion House?
 The Lord Mayor of London
5. What is being built in the Olympic Park, that will be the world's longest and tallest of its kind?
 A slide
6. Canary Wharf is in what London borough?
 Tower Hamlets
7. Which battle of 1066 is also the name of a football ground?
 Stamford Bridge
8. Statues of which political leader stand in Tavistock Square and Parliament Square?
9. What is the name of London's largest underground river?
10. Which area of London is believed to derive its name from a former hunting cry?