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1.Which sea has no coast?
2.Which Royal dynasty followed the Normans?
3.Hans Riegel of Bonn, Germany, formed which confectionary company in 1920?
4.In the Harry Potter books, what type of mythical creature is 'Fawkes'?
5.The songs 'Tell Me It's Not True' and 'Marilyn Monroe' come from which stage musical?
6.Which of the Marx brothers never spoke on screen after his first appearance in 1925?
7.What name is given to a folded pizza?
8.Which poet was buried standing upright in Westminster Abbey?
9.In the 'Jungle Book' what type of creature was 'Bagheera'?
10.Pierre Basile fired the crossbow that caused the death of which English king?

quiz kindly submitted by Bungalow Bill on 15th April 2016