1. Which Beatles song was commissioned by the BBC to represent the United Kingdom in the first global satellite television link?
 All you need is love
2. What was the first Beatles film?
 A Hard Day's Night
3. Who played lead guitar on While My Guitar Gently Weeps, on The White Album?
 Eric Clapton
4. What did Decca executive Dick Lowe do in 1962?
 Turned down the opportunity to sign The Beatles, saying "guitar groups are on the way out"
5. What was John Lennon's middle name, and what did he change it to in 1969?
 Winston, and he changed it to Ono
6. What was the name of the US stadium where the Beatles played their last ever live concert?
 Candlestick Park
7. Which Album cover features 5 Beatles?
 Abbey Road (VW Beetle)
8. The lyrics of which Beatles song feature Edgar Allen Poe?
 I am the Walrus
9. For whom did Paul McCartney write Hey Jude?
 Julian Lennon
10. What was the name of the Liverpool nightclub where the Beatles regularly played?
 The Cavern