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1.Which song from "Mary Poppins" won the Oscar for best original song in 1964?
2."The Path Of The Righteous Man" quote from the film Pulp Fiction comes from which Book of the Bible?
3.Which 2004 movie mapped the journey across South America by a young Che Guevara?
4.Which film contains the line "I'm going to cut your heart out with a spoon!"
5.Which 2 films have been nominated for 14 Oscars?
6.Which country singer's story was filmed as "The Coalminers Daughter" in 1980?
7.What was the name of the Yorkshire pub featured in the 1981 movie "An American Werewolf in London"?
8.Which Olympic Games are featured in the 1981 film "Chariots of Fire"?
9.Which 1950 thriller starring Jack Warner and Dirk Bogarde provided the inspiration for the TV series "Dixon of Dock Green"?
10.In 1919, Chaplin formed United Artists with 3 other Hollywood greats. Name one.