Bubble Tree Quizzes

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1.How many roles did Alec Guinness play in Kind Hearts And Coronets?
2.The Life of Brian was produced by Handmade Films. Who owned Handmade Films?
3.Which film still hold the record for using the highest number of extras?
4.Although he never won an Oscar for best director, one of Hitchcock's films did win an Oscar for best picture. What was the film?
5.What character has been played by Robert Donat in 1935, Kenneth More in 1959 and Robert Powell in 1978?
6.A novel by Irvine Welsh set in Edinburgh was made into which 1996 film?
7.The multi Oscar winning Chariots of Fire was based on the lives of which 2 athletes?
8.Which 1985 romantic comedy starring Alexandra Pigg and Margi Clarke was set in Liverpool?
9.Reach For The Sky was a 1959 film. Who was the film about, and who played the leading role?
10.Peter Howitt is probably best known for playing the part of Joey Boswell in Bread, but what film did he write the screenplay for, and direct in 1998?