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All the questions or answers are "bear" related

1.What was the name of Sebastian Flyte's bear in Brideshead Revisited?
2.The Teddy Bear was named after who?
3.What is the name of the seamstress who founded her own company in 1880, making stuffed animals?
4.What was the name of Paddington Bear's aunt?
5.The stories about which bear are set in Ashdown Forest?
6.Which author created the character Iorek Byrnison?
7.Who lived in Nutwood Cottage?
8.The John Lewis advert featuring a bear and a hare catapulted which song to the number on spot, and who had a hit with the original?
9.What was the name of the bear in Wacky Races?
10.Beorn, a man with the ability to transform into a bear, was a character in which novel?