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Each answer contains the name of a country

1.Who is the founder of Wikipedia?
2.What term is used in ten pin bowling to signify 3 consecutive strikes?
3.Abyssinian, Short-haired, Silkie and Teddy are all breeds of which domestic pet?
4.David Sylvian and Steve Jansen were members of which 70s and 80s New Romantic band, who had hits with Ghosts and I Second That Emotion?
5.Which song, written by the Charlie Daniels Band, tells the tale of Satan engaging in a duel with a fiddle player named Johnny, in order to try and win his soul?
6.According to Kerry Katona, Jason Donovan and Stacy Solomon, where do mums go to?
7.Which Bond film is the first to feature the character Blofeld?
8.Who hosts the Later music show, as well as the annual Hogmanay show Hootenanny?
9.Which actor won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film Jerry Maguire?
10.If you were celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary, traditionally what gift would you buy your partner?

quiz kindly submitted by Chris McDonald on 20th May 2016