All the questions have 2 answers
1. The Carry On Films have just been given a new lease of life. What are the first and last films in the old series?
2. Which 2 South American countries are landlocked?
3. Chris Hoy and Steve Redgrave are Britain's most successful Olympians. But there are 4 others who have won 4 gold medals. Name 2.
4. Which 2 of Henry VIII's wives outlived him?
5. What are the two moons of Mars?
6. Which 2 groups had exactly 9 number one UK hit singles?
7. Name the children in Mary Poppins
8. Which 2 stouts are brewed in Cork?
9. The late Burt Kwouk is best known for playing Cato in the Pink Panther films. But he also appeared in 3 Bond films. Name 2.
10. Name the current person whose image is on the five pound note, and whose image will be on the new design?