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1.The Supremes first No 1 single in the UK way back in 1964?
2.Elton John’s first UK chart entry single from 1971?
3.The first hit single for producer Quincy Jones, and first for American singer Lesley Gore in 1963?
4.Co-written by Martin Gaye, a No 1 chart topper for Paul Young in 1983?
5.Back in the early 1960s, if you showed off your new Ben Sherman, what was it most likely to be?
6.A British new romantic band from the 1970s & 1980s, their biggest hit was ‘Ghosts’?
7.Tracy Chapman’s first ever single that peaked at No 4 in the UK charts?
8.A runway or ramp used by models to demonstrate a piece of fashionware?
9.A 1962 novelty hit for Bernard Cribbins about manual labourers trying to move an unidentified object?
10.What is the Connection?

quiz kindly submitted by Mike Smith on 3rd August 2016