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1.“I'll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts is the theme song to which popular US comedy show?
2."Lancashire Blues" by Eric Spear has introduced which ITV programme since December 1960?
3.True or false – Nicholas Lyndhurst sang the theme song to Only Fools & Horses?
4.“Approaching Menace” is the theme to which long running BBC Quiz show?
5.Between 1978 and 1988 "Chicken man" by Alan Hawkshaw was the theme tune for which BBC programme?
6.“Jessica” by the Allman Brothers is the theme tune to which BBC Programme?
7.Who wrote the theme tunes to both BBC’s “Holiday Programme” and ITV’s “Wish You Were Here”?
8.Which sport was introduced by Fleetwood Mac’s song, The Chain?
9.Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies (or BNL) sing the theme song to which hugely popular US sitcom?
10.Based on the novel by Anna Sewell, which ITV Children’s programme had “Galloping Home” as its theme tune?

quiz kindly submitted by Miss Terry on 15th September 2016