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OK, not just fiction... but the written word in TV Film, and books.

1.“Is Man A Myth?” is a book sitting on the shelf in the home of Mr Tumnus in which book by C S Lewis?
2.Which two Superheroes work for, respectively, The Daily Planet and The Daily Bugle
3.Following a car accident author Paul Sheldon is kidnapped by his biggest fan and forced to rewrite the ending of his new book in which film and novel by Stephen King
4.In which movie does Anne Hathaway play a college graduate who lands a job working for the diabolical Meryl Streep at the prestigious fashion magazine, Runway?
5.Which classic swashbuckling epic that begins and ends with an old man reading his favourite book to his grandson, contains the immortal line, “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father… prepare to die.”
6.According to Douglas Adams, which book described the planet Earth as, “Mostly Harmless”?
7.Journalist Michael Blomkvist works for Millenium Magazine in the trilogy of books written by which Swedish author?
8.The Grasshopper Lies Heavy is a fictional film reel in the TV series, and a fictional book in the original novel, of which science fiction story by Philip K Dick, that tells the story of what the world would have been like had the Axis powers won the war?
9.In which kids TV series did Julia Sawalha and Dexter Fletcher work for The Junior Gazzatte? The show was the first thing written by Dr Who supremo, Steven Moffat.
10.In both the film and the book by J K Rowling, who has trouble with, “The Monster book of Monsters?” (accept either one of two answers)

quiz kindly submitted by Tommo on 19th September 2016