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1.Which Prime Minster used the phrase ‘Education, Education, Education’ to put classrooms at the top of the political agenda whilst in office?
2.What term is given to a first year university student or undergraduate?
3.Name the 1983 comedy/drama film about a hairdresser who wants to better herself by studying literature?
4.What two word Latin term meaning ‘nourishing mother’ is used to refer to a school which an individual has attended?
5.In what year was corporal punishment banned from UK State run schools?
6.Since 1962, how many different presenters have hosted University Challenge?
7.Which two teams contest the only annual school cricket match played at Lord’s Cricket Ground
8.What was the last UK No 1 single of the 1970s, it included this line: “We Don’t Need No Education”?
9.Who was education secretary under Edward Heath who stopped free milk for children over 7 years of age?
10.What does the examination grading term GCSE stand for?

quiz kindly submitted by Michelle Smith on 25th October 2016