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1.The character of Jeffrey Fairbrother featured in which TV comedy series?
2.Which company advertised on TV with the slogan, "The World's Local Bank"?
3.On children's TV, which character lived at "52 Festive Road"?
4.Who played the character of Arnold Rimmer in the TV comedy series, "Red Dwarf"?
5.In the TV comedy, what were the first names of "The Likely Lads"?
6.Which product was advertised on TV with the slogan, "The Lighter Way To Enjoy Chocolate"?
7.Who played the title roles in the TV series, "The Persuaders"?
8."Patrick Clifton" was the full name of which children's character on TV?
9.The TV series "Father Ted" was set on which fictional island?
10.The fictional character of "Dr. Sam Beckett" featured in which sci-fi series on TV?

quiz kindly submitted by Wot No Hair on 27th November 2016