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A music quiz, part of each answer has a Christmas connection

1.Who was the lead singer with T'Pau?
2.Who is the singer for The High Flying Birds?
3.Released in 1998, which singers first album was Voice Of An Angel?
4.Which singer had a 2005 hit called Kiss Kiss?
5.In 2004 the BRIT Award for best British single went to Dido for which song?
6.After being discovered on'Oppurtunity Knocks' who released her first single 'Those Were The Days' in 1968?
7.Released in 1991 which group had a top ten hit with International Bright Young Thing?
8.Which presenter has hosted music shows The Word on C4 and Sky Ones The Hitmix?
9.The Eurythmics have only had one UK number one single.What was it called?
10.One of the top 5 best selling albums of 2016 is a posthumous one.What is it called?

quiz kindly submitted by Sam Jackson on 14th December 2016