Each answer had a word repeated, ie an Archies hit would be "Sugar Sugar".
1. 1974 hit by David Bowie, and includes the lyric "You got your mother in a whirl, she's not sure if you're a boy or a girl".
 Rebel rebel
2. Son of Barney Rubble, in the Flintstones.
 Bamm Bamm
3. Small African antelope, given it's name by the call of the female.
 Dik dik
4. British Nazi propaganda broadcaster.
 Lord Haw Haw
5. Lemur found in Madagascar
 Aye aye
6. Writer of 3 men in a boat
 Jerome K Jerome
7. Turtle found in the Amazon & Orinoco rivers of South America
 Mata mata
8. Which band had a hit with "Love is all around", used in the movie Four Weddings & a Funeral.
 Wet wet wet
9. Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie
10. In the movie Barbarella, who is she sent to rescue.
 Durand Durand