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Each answer consists of two words that sound the same, ie country / sea creatures, would be Wales / whales.

1.US state / long hair on the neck of an animal
Maine /mane
2.Run aground / tree
Beach / beech
3.Musical film 1978 / country
Grease / Greece
4.Stopping device / rest period
Brake / break
5.Arouse, stimulate, or excite / mountain top
Pique / peak
6.Corn / labyrinth
Maize / maze
7.Walk through water / judged, estimated
Wade / weighed
8.Sampras or Townshend / soil burned as fuel
Pete /peat
9.The little mermaid / taking place in the air
Ariel / aerial
10.Belonging to Pollard / the underside of a roof that overhangs the wall
Eve's / eaves