1. The 11th official James Bond film, the fourth with Roger Moore and second to feature the villian Jaws?
 MOONRAKER (the top sail on the main mast)
2. In snooker and other similar games, a term given to an unintentional lucky shot or pot?
 FLUKE (part of the anchor that grips the seabed)
3. The mystical length of cloth bearing the image of a man, that is believed, by some, to be that of Christ?
 The SHROUD of Turin (a rope that supports a mast)
4. Who composed the theme music to Crossroads and Neighbours?
5. The white target ball in lawn bowls or a young pike?
 JACK (the ship's flag flown at bow of the vessel)
6. The final position in a relay race usually given to the fastest athlete?
7. This actor played the oil baron Clayton Farlow in Dallas.
 Howard KEEL
8. 36 inches for example?
 YARD (the spars on which the sails are set)
9. They finished runners-up in the 2014 FA Cup Final after leading 2-0 after 8 minutes.
 HULL City
10. What is the Connection?
 Parts of a ship (nautical terms)