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1.The 11th official James Bond film, the fourth with Roger Moore and second to feature the villian Jaws?
2.In snooker and other similar games, a term given to an unintentional lucky shot or pot?
3.The mystical length of cloth bearing the image of a man, that is believed, by some, to be that of Christ?
4.Who composed the theme music to Crossroads and Neighbours?
5.The white target ball in lawn bowls or a young pike?
6.The final position in a relay race usually given to the fastest athlete?
7.This actor played the oil baron Clayton Farlow in Dallas.
8.36 inches for example?
9.They finished runners-up in the 2014 FA Cup Final after leading 2-0 after 8 minutes.
10.What is the Connection?

quiz kindly submitted by Suzanne Cook on 21st February 2017