1. Which Manchester United midfielder, who occasionally plays in defence, and even more occasionally these days… for England, was bought by Utd from Spurs in 2006 for 18 million pounds?
 MICHAEL CARRICK (Carrick Bend joins two lengths of heavy rope or cable)
2. What was the name of the first woman to be appointed US Secretary of State? She was nominated in 1996 by Bill Clinton, and confirmed the following year with a unanimous bipartisan vote of the US Senate.
 MADELEINE ALBRIGHT (Albright Special ties together two different thicknesses of line)
3. Who won their sixth consecutive Scottish Premiership title on 1st April 2017?
 CELTIC (Traditional Irish motif)
4. Which rock group had a hit single in 1974 with You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet?
 BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE (Bachman Knot – A friction hitch used when the knot needs to be released or reset frequently)
5. Albert Pierrepointe was born in Clayton, West Yorkshire in 1905. What job did he do that later in life gave him enormous notoriety?
 HANGMAN (The traditional noose knot) (Possible Tie-breaker... Pierrepointe is believed to have hanged 435 people throughout his career.)
6. In January 2017 who did President Donald Trump specifically give 30 days, before saying he would “bomb the shit out of them”?
 ISIS (Knot of Isis, an ancient Egyptian Symbol.)
7. Which title in the British peerage was created and offered to the abdicated King Edward VIII?
 Duke of WINDSOR, (Windsor Knot is a famous means of fastening a knecktie)
8. What is the name of the 5 star luxury hotel, located on the North Bank of the Thames, and built by theatre impresario Richard D’Oyly Carte, in 1889?
 The SAVOY (A figurative, heraldic “figure eight” knot)
9. What is the world’s largest structure composed entirely of living organisms? NOT the largest living organism or single organism collective. Clue it is roughly 1’200 square miles in size.
 GREAT BARRIER REEF (Reef Knot…simple binding to attach a rope to a thing.)
10. What is the Connection?
 They are all types of "KNOT"