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1.Ganymede is the largest moon in our Solar System, around which planet does it orbit?
2.What is the name of the annual meteor shower that occurs in August as the remnants from the Swift-Tuttle comet fall into the atmosphere and burn up. It is named for the constellation which forms the backdrop against which they usually appear in the sk
3.Launched in 1990, what is the name of the space telescope that revolutionised our understanding of the universe?
4.Though some Pluto fans would argue otherwise, Neptune is the furthest proper planet from the sun in our solar system, what colour does it appear?
5.What was the name of the first manmade satellite successfully launched into space?
6.The conceptual constructs known as Einstein-Rosen Bridges are theoretical phenomena, which in keeping with Einsteins theory of general relativity link different points in space and time. As seen in movies like "Stargate", what is their more common name?
7.First shown in 1980 and hosted by Carl Sagan, which enormously successful documentary TV series explored the origins of and the furthest reaches of the Universe and has been recently revived, hosted by American astrophysicist Neil De Grasse Tyson?
8.In February 2017, NASA announced the discovery of 7 Earth sized planets orbiting a dwarf star some 39 light years from us. What is the somewhat religious sounding name of that Star and its planetary system?
9.Following on, what whimsical name is given to the habitable distance from its sun that a planet must reside within to suggest it may support life?
10.In Star Trek, on which planet is the Utopia Planetiary Space Dock where the USS Enterprise was built. Note, that is ORIGINAL Series, not the new movie series. (In the new ones it was built on Earth...)

quiz kindly submitted by Tommo on 3rd April 2017