1. Name the actor who starred in the movies Con Air, National Treasure, and Leaving Las Vegas
 Nicolas Cage
2. Which series of limestone caverns are a tourist attraction on the southern edge of the Mendip Hills near Wells in Somerset
 Wookey Hole
3. In carpentry, biscuit, butt and dovetail are examples of what
4. 1980 film starring Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor as down-on-their-luck friends. The film reunited the pair who had appeared previously in the 1976 comedy thriller film Silver Streak
 Stir Crazy
5. What was the title of the Christmas No1 in 2000 by Bob the Builder
 Can We Fix It
6. Which Eastenders character is played by John Altman
 Nick Cotton
7. Which UK sitcom had characters that include Cyril Heslop, Blanco and Crusher
8. By what name is Dwayne Johnson also known
 The Rock
9. In the US sitcom Hogan's Heroes, what was the name of the inept German Colonel in charge of the WWII POW camp
 Colonel Clink
10. What is the connection between these 9 answers
 Slang terms for prison or prison sentence. Cage, Hole, Joint, Stir, Can, Nick, Porridge, The Rock (Alcatraz), Clink