Two clues are given. The first answer has 4 letters. The second answer can be identified by adding one letter to the FRONT of the first answer, ie ooze & booze.
1. One pound / Sea creature
2. Part of a foot / Tree of the conifer family
3. Lazy / To walk in a furtive manner, especially sideways or obliquely.
4. Guitar player David Evans / Grass-like plant found typically in wet areas
5. A unit of measurement / Actor who posthumously won an Oscar for his role in Network
6. Female relative / Haggard
7. Part of a fisherman's equipment / Fish basket
8. To engrave with acid / Sailing vessel with 2 masts
9. Iron oxide / The outer layer of a rocky planet
10. An electronic functional building block in digital logic such as "and", "or", or "not"/ Semiprecious stone