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What are the occupations of the following famous fictional characters?

1.John H. Watson
Doctor (or Military Surgeon) - Dr Watson in the Sherlock Holmes novels
2.Ebeneezer Scrooge
Money Lender (or Loan Shark) in DIckens' 'A Christmas Carol' the book simply said that he was 'in business'
3.Kermit the Frog
Theatre Manager
4.Barbara Gordon
Librarian - her alter-ego is Batgirl
5.Samwise Gamgee
Gardener - from The Lord of the Rings series)
6.Margaret 'Hotlips' Houlihan
Nurse (or Military Nurse) from MASH
7.Mary Poppins
Children's Nanny from 'Mary Poppins'
8.Alfred Pennyworth
Butler (to Bruce Wayne aka Batman)
9.Dr Daniel Jackson
Linguist/Archaeologist from 'Stargate' series
10.Derek Wilton
Salesman from Coronation Street