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Name the TV character that is often referred to, but never seen.

1.Hi-de-Hi - who was the unseen owner of the camp, who communicated with the entertainments staff through sarcastic, hectoring, semi-literate letters
2.Dad's Army - what was the name of Captain Mainwaring's wife
3.Captain Scarlet - what was the name of the unseen enemy, who could reproduce somebody in their likeness.
4.Minder - How did Arthur Daley refer to his unseen wife
5.Frazier - what was the name of Niles' wife
6.Mork & Mindy - who did Mork talk to on his own planet, in an effort to understand human behaviour.
7.Columbo - Lieutenant Columbo's wife was never seen, but in 1979, Kate Mulgrew starred as his wife in a spin off series. What was the name of this series.
8.Father Ted - who was described as "He’s got big puffy fish lips bigger than the rest of his face after an incident with an exploding kettle".
9.Charlie's Angels - Charlie remained unseen, but what was the name of the male character that worked with the Angels.
10.Rumpole of the Bailey - How did Horace Rumpole refer to his unseen wife

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 17th August 2017