The first name or names of famous men with the surname Brown
1. The lead singer of the band 'Hot Chocolate'?
 Errol Brown
2. The Australian actor who appeared in 'Cocktail' and 'FX: Murder by Illusion'?
 Bryan Brown
3. Detective Sergeant - Associate of Chief Robert Ironside in 60's cop show 'Ironside'?
 Ed Brown
4. American Abolitionist and Activist executed in 1859?
 John Brown
5. Leading character in Charles Schultz's 'Peanuts' comic strip?
 Charlie Brown
6. Famous English Landscape Gardner and Architect (1716 - 1783)
 Lancelot or 'Capability' Brown
7. Singer/Songwriter married to Whitney Houston 1992 - 2007?
 Bobby Brown
8. Wild eyed, crazy scientist from 'Back to the Future' played by Christopher Lloyd?
 Dr 'Doc' Emmett Brown
9. The Bear in MIchael Bond's famous children's stories?
 Paddington (Brown)
10. The Scots-born British Prime Minister from 2007 to 2010?
 Gordon Brown