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1.Bacardi: Which animal appears on their logo
2.Which Japanese car manufacturer uses a logo with 6 stars within an oval
3.Domino's pizza: What is the total number of dots shown on the domino tile
4.Wenlock and Mandeville are logos that were used at which event
5.The World Wildlife Fund logo features which animal
6.Which international company has an arrow "hidden" within it's logo
7.Eddie Stobart: Which 2 colours are used on their iconic livery
8.Which company logo was redesigned in 2012, with a more aerodynamic shape, a haircut, and an upturned beak
9.Which high street bank features a blue eagle on it's logo
10.Which animal is featured on Swarovski (jewellers) logo

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 24th October 2017