1. Elton John's first UK top-10 hit was Your Song in 1970. How many solo no1 hits has he had to date? (a) 4 or less (b) 5 to 15 (c) 16 or more
 (a) 4 or less. Actually 3 - Sacrifice in 1990, Candle in the Wind in 1997, & Are You Ready for Love in 2003.
2. Which mountain peak is the border between 2 countries? (a) Mont Blanc, France & Italy (b) Matterhorn, Switzerland & Italy (c) Eiger, Switzerland & Austria
 (b) Matterhorn, Switzerland & Italy. Mont Blanc is entirely in France, and the Eiger is entirely in Switzerland
3. Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin got its name (a) after Colonel Charles Rathbone, (b) after a comic book character, (c) as checkpoints Alpha and Bravo already existed.
 (c) as checkpoints Alpha and Bravo already existed. As West Berlin was in East Germany, Alpha was on the border of West Germany & East Germany, Bravo at the outskirts of West Berlin, & Charlie between West Berlin & East Berlin.
4. Trains travelling from Mongolia into China have to stop prior to entry to have (a) all the signs changed throughout the train (b) have the wheel bogies changed (c) change the locomotive to a steam engine as there are no electric trains in China
 (b) To change the bogies. At Erlian station, the carriages are lifted up & the whole running gear changed to Chinese gauge.
5. In which country were Max Verstappen, Bradley Wiggins and Audrey Hepburn born? (a) Germany, (b) Belgium, (c) Netherlands
 (b) Belgium
6. Rory Graham is the real name of a double Brit Award winner. Is he better known as (a) Rag n Bone man, (b) Calvin Harris, (c) Bruno Mars
 (a) Rag n Bone man. Calvin Harris is Adam Richard Wiles, and Bruno Mars is Peter Gene Hernandez
7. The longest border between 2 countries is USA-Canada (8900km). What is the 2nd longest? (a) Russia-Kazakhstan (b) Argentina-Chile (c) China-India
 (a) Russia-Kazakhstan (6846 km)
8. Elvis Presley had 21 UK no1 hits, and 76 UK top-10 hits. How many of these did he write solo? (a) 4 or less (b) 5 to 15 (c) 16 or more
 (a) 4 or less. Actually none, but he co-wrote approximately 6 hits
9. Brazil has land borders with 10 other countries. How many countries of South America does Brazil NOT have any border? (a) 2, (b) 5, (c) 8
 (a) 2. Ecuador & Chile
10. In which country were Paddy Ashdown, Colin Cowdrey and Gerald Durrell born? (a) Ireland, (b) South Africa, (c) India
 (c) India