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1.Which bird appears on the National flag of Equador?
2.A number one UK single for Manfred Mann in May 1966?
3.The 1924 adventure novel "Beau Geste" was written by which author?
4.Which 1942 Edward Hopper oil on canvas painting portrays people in a downtown diner late at night?
5.Leda(Mother of Helen of Troy) was seduced by Zeus in the guise of which bird?
6."Hail to Thee, Blithe Spirit" refers to which bird in a poem by Percy Shelley?
7.Romulus and Remus were aided by a she wolf and which bird in the myth of the founding of Rome?
8.Cormoran Strike first appears in which novel by Robert Galbraith( J K Rowling)?
9.The owl " Athena" was a beloved pet of which British heroine?
10.What is the currency of Guatemala named after the National bird?

quiz kindly submitted by Rhys 51 on 3rd January 2018