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1.What do Americans call the 2nd of February, as made famous by the film starring Bill Murray?
2.British actress Pauline Collins found fame playing the title character of which play and subsequent film adaptation, winning an Olivier, Tony and BAFTA along the way?
3.Valentine is the lead character of which of Shakespeare's comedies that also happens to have the smallest cast?
4.Saint Valentine is the traditional patron saint of which occupation, they are formally known as apiarists?
5.In February 2018 for the first time since 1999 there will not be a what? It will happen every other month of the year, sometimes twice a month?
6.Shakespeare wrote 'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet' but which writer coined the phrase 'Rose is a rose is a rose?' She also wrote of her hometown of Oakland, California that 'There is no there there'?
7.Famed as the original Latin lover on the silver screen, which Italian actor died at the age of 31?
8.Which gangster masterminded the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago?
9.Normally falling in February, which festival has a name that means "Fat Tuesday" in French?
10.Which Italian professional motorcycle racer followed in his father's footsteps to become one of the best racers of all time, winning nine Grand Prix World Championships?

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