1. The band 4 Non Blondes had a one hit wonder with which song in 1992?
 "What's Up"? Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones)
2. Dr Orchid replaced which dated housekeeper in the board game Cleudo in 2016?
 Mrs White Meg White ( White Stripes)
3. What was the name of the boys who occasionally assisted Sherlock Holmes with intelligence matters?
 Baker Street Irregulars Ginger Baker Cream)
4. For which 1987 film did Cher win the Oscar for " Best Actress in a Leading role"?
 Moonstruck Keith Moon ( The Who)
5. Which 1975 Roald Dahl novel involves car fixing and pheasants being poached?
 Danny, the Champion of the World Will Champion( Coldplay)
6. Whose only UK number one single to date is "Look what you made me do" in September 2017?
 Taylor Swift Roger Taylor (Queen & Duran Duran)
7. The national anthem of the USA is known by which other name?
 The "Star Spangled Banner" Ringo Starr ( Beatles)
8. Which British author wrote the Jack Reacher novel series?
 Lee Child Tommy Lee (Mottley Crue)
9. Who wrote"The Moonstone" considered to be the first full length detective novel in the English language?
 Wilkie Collins Phil Collins (Genesis)
10. Connections
 Famous Drummers