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1.What is a funambulist? (a) Stamp collector (b) Tightrope walker (c) Clown
2.Where would you find a moonraker? (a) In a tree (b) Wiltshire (c) Underwater
3.A Peterman specialises in (a) safe cracking (b) laying tarmac (c) restoring vehicles
4.Where would you find a Donkeyman? (a) In the Navy (b) On a farm (c) In an office
5.The word Thalassic relates to (a) the air (b) the land (c) the sea
6.A Saucier is (a) Someone who makes or paints saucers (b) A chef specialising in sauces (c) Someone who tells rude jokes
7.What is the correct term for an inhabitant of Monaco? (a) Monegasque (b) Monamune (c) Monagiste
8.What is an Orrery? (a) A bird (b) A type of building (c) A clockwork model of the solar system
9.What is a merkin? (a) A unit of measure (b) A vessel (c) A type of wig
10.The name Verity means (a) beauty (b) strength (c) truth

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 24th June 2018