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(answers verified with Dept of Transport website (Highway code) and the Road Traffic Act (1988)

1.Warning signs are triangular with a red border. They all have an edge on the bottom and a corner on the top, however one sign is inverted, with a corner pointing down. Which one?
Give way / stop.
2.What does a "minimum speed limit" sign look like
Circular, blue with white number.
3.What colour signs are used to direct you to tourist attractions
4.What is the maximum speed limit for an HGV over 7.5 tonnes on a UK motorway
60 mph (increased from 50 mph in 2017)
5.Which animal is depicted on a warning sign for "wild animals"
Deer / stag
6.On a UK motorway, can you legally overtake a vehicle on the left
Yes. Undertaking is permitted in congested conditions when frequent lane changing is not recommended.
7.Circular speed limits signs come in 2 sizes. What does the difference mean.
Larger sign informs you of a change to the limit, whereas small ones are used where there is no change.
8.What is the maximum speed limit on a motorway for motorhomes or motor caravans of more than 3.05 tonnes maximum unladen weight
70 mph (less for towed caravans)
9.Is it legal to use your phone to pay for a drive thru
No. You are using your phone whilst in charge of a vehicle, and could be fined up to £200 & given 6 points. However, using contactless is legal!
10.If your indicators failed, what is the hand signal for turning left
Extend right arm and move it in a circular motion. (For right turn, keep arm still. For slowing down , move arm up and down)